1. THE GANG MEDIATION INITIATIVE engages youth involved in a shooting, or other violence, to determine the root cause of the conflict. BTPC staff builds trusting relationships between the individuals/gang members, mediate discussions between warring parties, and negotiate long-term cease fires and now, we link youth to the services they need to rebuild their lives, re-kindle hope and leave their gang life in the past.
  2. THE COMMUNITY CLUSTER approach to positive youth development: a) engages key stakeholders in resolving community problems, and b) provides access to services and the follow-up and coaching youth need to transition out of gang or high risk cultures an into more promising life-styles.
  3. NEIGHBORHOOD MOBILIZATION: BTPC trains Coalition members and organizes faith-and community-based leaders to host community gatherings and to walk through “hot-spots” (areas of high rates of violence identified by the police) to develop relationships between residents, churches and nonprofits to diffuse tensions, enable residents to meet each other and to build trusting relationships with BTPC staff.
  4. VOICES 4 PEACE is a joint project bringing both BTPC’s and BMA’s civic engagement efforts together, through community planning and an organizing effort conducted through BTPC’s monthly meetings, where information gathered from law enforcement agencies and social service organizations enables Coalition members to discuss trends and areas of concerns in the City of Boston. This process not only provides faith and community leaders with information, it also provides a “voice” for youth and community residents to participate in the process of planning peaceful solutions to youth violence in their neighborhoods.

Boston Ten Point Coalition History:

In 1992, symptoms of rampant youth violence spreading through Boston caught the attention of leading Clergy and lay leaders when conflict erupted at the funeral of a young gun shot victim. A gang-related shooting and stabbing spilled into Morning Star Baptist Church turning the funeral service into a battleground.

Clergy and lay leaders responded by mobilizing the Greater Boston community to make violence prevention and youth reformation a higher priority both in church and in the larger community. That collective effort produced the intial Ten Point Plan, a detailed plan to redirect the lives of Black and Latino youth, especially those at high risk for violence, drug abuse, and other destructive behaviors.

From necessity; The Boston TenPoint Coalition was born.  Click the link above to view the achievements of our original plan and also our renewed 2016 vision and Plan to meet the challenges of  youth at risk in todays society.